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My control room


(TLP Obs)

Starting from July 2016 I followed some of my friends in Dalai Lama Astro Group for building a new remote observatory in the same location. So I replace my old one box with a new capable of remote control and roll roof opening. My choice was the TecnoShelter obs and I began a new totally revisited project. It took about six months to be operative and now I can maximize my poor time doing images from my house in Novara. Here are a few shots of the build. Many thanks to Saro, Stefano, Giuseppe and particularly to Lucio who helped me in this adventure.

Also a few changes in my imaging train were made.  I removed the rotator, AO optics and Off axis guider for a new concept system: ONAG (On Axis Guider, from Technical Innovation Foresight). This is a device that using a beam splitter could benefit of all guiding field of view if a medium-large detector is used for guiding. In my setup I have the old but rock solid SBIG ST10 XME for imaging and a SBIG ST8300 for guiding. The latter covers a field a bit bigger than the ST10 so to allow to choice any star on the field for guiding. This gives some benefits: a big field ( and many stars) for guiding, no problems with rotator and the small field of a OAG, no problems taking flat frames whenever rotator has moved. Also the new feature performed by Optec with StarLock software allows to stay perfectly in focus during the exposure avoiding to stop the imaging  for GOTO routine to a focus star. This concept has many advantages on the final result with a FVHM as best as possible so an AO optic in not useless anymore.

Side By Side to my 10” RC is the Takahashi FSQ 106N with a SBIG STF8300/CFW 8 positions. A little 60/228 refractor with a SBIG STì  for guiding.


work in progress

Remote opening of the rooftop

“Three Little Pigs” Observatory